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There, I said it.

Okay, I’ll be serious now, which basically means that I’ll say the same thing, but try to use grown-up words this time. Now that I think about it, though, I already wrote a love letter to each and every one of you. You can read it here.

Now for the FUN STUFF!!

Book Bloggers have asked me about every possible question regarding my favorite books, the research I did for NOT IN THE SCRIPT, what inspired the story, which celebrities come closest to looking like my characters, if I have a playlist, my writing process, my celebrity crush, what I’m working on next, etc., so here are a handful of the interviews and guest posts that answer my most frequently asked questions! Enjoy!

{Where my idea for NOT IN THE SCRIPT came from, my characters’ celebrity look-a-likes, the soundtrack for my life, and for SCRIPT as well}

{Why I chose Emma’s name, what I snack on while I write, did I always want to be an author, stuff that was cut from NOT IN THE SCRIPT, what I’m working on now}

{What say I had in my cover, why I wrote NOT IN THE SCRIPT from two points-of-view, why I think famous teens have it kinda tough, advice about life and love}

{My semi-raging thoughts about tabloid journalism}

{That time I actually went out to dinner with my celebrity crush}

{The letter I wish I could write to my teenage self}

{14 very random things about me}

{The top 10 books or series I’ve read more than twice}

{My top 10 favorite TV couples}